Carl Taylor Accountant and Business Consultant

The key to success in 2018 can be summed up in one word: focus.

It can so easily feel that somehow if we try and do something with lots of opportunities, one or two of them will work out, and we’ll get some good results.

But we see time after time it doesn’t work.

Time is limited. Money is limited (normally!). Your energy and the energy of your team isn’t infinite.

As a result, you really can’t focus on doing everything all at once - you have to have strategic focus, you have to make decisions about what you are and aren’t going to do.

But the reality is we have this inbuilt habit of multitasking.  Everyone does it.  You’re probably doing it right now – reading an email, listening to some music, drinking coffee with 5 other webpages open.  How can you concentrate properly on all of those things at once?

It’s basically impossible.

The same applies to your strategy in 2018.

So how do we achieve a laser like focus in 2018?

Decide what you're NOT going to do

It sounds counter intuitive, but you have to be clear on what we’re not going to do.  That means making decisions about what kind of customers you’re not going to serve, and what type of projects you’re not going to get involved with.

Be prepared to say no to things that don’t fit in with your vision - they will only sap your time, energy and resources that could otherwise have been used to grow and move forward.

Decide what you ARE going to do

This means making crystal clear decisions about what customers you are going to target, and what you’re going to offer them, and how you are going to win their business.

It’s so easy to put off making a clear decision.  It’s also easy to be scared by it.  But if you’re serious about achieving results, you have to have the courage to make a decision about the direction you want to go in – and be crystal clear about it.

Stick to it

Don't give up!