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Cookies policy


Version 2.0 | Dated: August 2018

To provide a better experience to our users, and to help us identify the parts of our website that perform best, we make use of cookies. If you use our website, you accept the use of these cookies.

Alternatively, you may change your browser settings to block the use of cookies for this website, or for all the websites you visit. However, this will likely result in a degraded browsing experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your local computer that can be used to store information about users’ preferences, users’ location and other details, protect users’ data from unauthorised access, maintain certain websites’ functionality, serve personalised ads to users and to make advertising more effective via re-marketing, collect Google Analytics data and other tracking data. You as the computer owner can access this data, and so can the website that set the cookie. Generally speaking, cookies don't present privacy issues since the data stored within them is usually data you have entered yourself.

What cookies do you set and use?

Here is a list of cookies currently in use, with an explanation of what each is, an indication of how long it lasts, and also an example of the information stored.

Name Expiry Reason
NID 6 Months Unique ID used by Google to provide services with the required preferences of the user
XSRF-TOKEN 2 Hours Created to prevent cross-site request forgery
__cfduid 1 Year Unique ID used by Cloudflare to identify unique clients and apply requested preferences
__hs_opt_out 2 Years Used by HubSpot to store status of cookie confirmation
__hssc 30 Mins Used to track HubSpot sessions and allow it to make changes to various sessions based on current sessions
__hssrc Instantly Used by HubSpot to identify if current session is a new session and cookie management should occur
__hstc 2 Years Main tracking cookie for HubSpot services
cookieconsent_status 1 Year Tracks the choice made by the user for cookie consent
hubspotutk 10 Years This cookie is used for to keep track of a visitor's identity. Prevents contacts from being duplicated
laravel_session 2 Hours Internally laravel uses laravel_session to identify a session instance for a user