Angus Brewer Business & Tax Consultant

No doubt you’ve already dived into 2018 full of vigour and enthusiasm for a fresh year of successes, challenges and victories. And you’ve got a sales target to hit or beat. But what will happen in 3 months’ time?  6 months’ time?

If we’re honest keeping up the momentum on sales is tough, and doesn’t just happen.  It’s so easy to give up – it’s our greatest weakness!  But when it comes to sales targets, there’s no way anyone can afford to give up in 2018. 

With the shifts and challenges we’re seeing in the business environment, we can see that keeping up momentum on sales is going be more essential than ever in 2018! So, with that in mind, here’s 4 key points to help you keep up sales momentum in 2018:

Clear and simple sales plan

  • Focus on 1 or 2 key areas for growth 

It’s hard to focus sales and marketing effort on too many areas

  • Establish the numbers based on facts 

Don’t just guess or ‘hope-cast’!

  • Ensure you factor in loss of customers/clients 

Customer attrition will happen, however hard you try

  • A sales plan is not just sales figures/targets 

This is the lag measure.  Break it down into the few key daily activities that your team need to do no matter what

  • Ensure team buy-in 

Have your team involved in setting the sales plan and challenging the numbers and rationale.

Track the sales lead measures

Having a clear sales plan is great.  Having clear targets for key activities and KPIs is essential.  However, if you don’t track and report on these key activities, you may as well not have them.  Set up simple and clear reporting and dashboards and have your whole team held accountable to each other for hitting these key activities.  The tracking of these lead measures and being held accountable is one of the most critical aspects of success in 2018

Establish a clear differentiating point

Ensure you have a clear USP and point of differentiation in 2018.  Let’s face it, increased competition is out there, and will continue to challenge businesses.  You need something that is different from your competitors, and don’t be afraid to ask your customers and conduct external market research.  Then, the key is to articulate and express the point/s of differentiation in your whole marketing strategy and communication.

Be ready to adapt

Things happen, and events take place that we never expected to.  Be prepared to adapt and steer your sales strategy and plan.  If you are not hitting the key KPI’s and not hitting sales targets, you need a fresh look at it, and find quick ways of getting back on track.  Where possible avoid huge disruptive sales team restructures, and other massive changes/swings in direction and just make simple and clear changes to keep on track. Not hitting the sales target is not an option for 2018.  Sticking with these 4 key points will really help keep sales momentum up, right until the end of December 2018. Ignore them at your peril, embrace them for a successful 2018.