Joe Brewer Consulting Partner

Many people have written many articles on this subject over the last few months during lockdown and rather than theorise I decided to share some real life wins! 

Whilst acknowledging we still need to improve and could have done better, here are four C’s of a motivated and successful team:

CommunicationThis has to be number one!   We found a daily catch up meeting with all staff at 8.30AM each morning (by Zoom of course) really helps keep staff connected and motivated.  Only max 15 minutes long this is run by a different person each day and light-hearted – A quiz, a game, a motivational video, a knowledge share (slot in your company updates by all means).

In addition, a daily huddle (more work/ task related) to motivate and hold the team together is another must attend meeting each day.  In between, find a reason to message or speak to staff via Teams etc – better to “over communicate”.

ConnectivityMake sure they have all the kit, laptops, monitors, desks, softphones etc.  Empower them to succeed and not lose efficiency

Compassion Genuinely take an interest in their welfare and wellbeing.  Send regular gifts to their door.  Amazing what a box of Cadbury’s chocolate will do…!  Discover more on this topic here.

CompensationKeep up basic pay where at all possible, make targets achievable and keep up the rewards/ bonuses.  Your business will be making modest savings if staff are working from home so take advantage of this by paying the tax free working from home allowances to encourage staff.  Find out more here.

Our people are at the heart of what we do.  Without our people, we wouldn’t exist.   We’re a specialist team here at Oldfield with a passion for innovation and success for our clients.  We challenge the status quo.

No doubt this applies to your business too - your people are your most valuable asset, they are your competitive advantage.  Which means keeping your employees engaged and happy at this time is more important than ever, so ensure you take time out to make this happen.

How have you found managing a team during lockdown? What have you found successful and some key wins? We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Please send them into