Joe Brewer Consulting Partner

On Wednesday 5th August, Oldfield Advisory and Watson Watson Solicitors will be joining forces for an exclusive online seminar – Accelerating Business Value.

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Here’s 5 key reasons you should be there:

Maximise your business valueWhile the current crisis has been an interruption for many businesses, it has also presented an opportunity to look ahead and build your business back again in the way you want to build it, with a view of maximising your business value. This seminar will give you the insight you need to build business value whilst enhancing profitability.  

Understand the concept of business valueIf you don’t have a thorough understanding of the concept of business value, it can make it difficult to grow. This seminar will discuss the building blocks of business value, including how to calculate it as well as the key driving forces.

Learn how to reward your employeesA rewarded workforce is a happy workforce. But how can you ensure you are maintaining staff satisfaction whilst accelerating value? This seminar will cover the importance of your people in driving business value.

Support in buying or selling a businessWhether you are considering selling your own business or buying a new business, it’s critical to understand the legal implications. Our guest speakers from Watson Watson will discuss the importance of robust legals when it comes to buying or selling a business.

Uncover tax opportunitiesWhether you are buying, selling or simply looking at increasing the value of your business, there are many hidden tax opportunities. We’ll discuss how you can take advantage of these tax opportunities to ensure you’re retaining most of the proceeds.

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Accelerating Business Value is taking place on Wednesday 5th August 2020, and is a must attend event for all business owners and directors. To find out more, and register to attend, please click here.