Lloyd Wright Accountant & Business Consultant

Deliver Quality and Be in Demand

Quality is a vital strategic initiative to life. You could almost say quality is “start or die”. That's why quality is used momentarily as an unforgiving tool to deliver devastatingly successful results in the world’s most forward-thinking corporates. These companies build expertise through internally robust production methods, reduce costs of quality through providing it, create exponential satisfaction for customers through impeccable service and thus grow financially through generating higher future revenues.

This competitive advantage embodies the features of a product or service that satisfies, through the eyes of the customer. Maybe use your firm’s customer NPS as this will give a strong indicator of how you score. Then turn your attention inward and start developing processes that help improve quality and engender a corporate culture upon which it’s sustained. 

Here are some key drivers to help you assess internal business process quality:

  • Perfect your product quality
  • Know your production methods
  • Perfect the reliability of what you’re selling
  • Perfect your service
  • Recruit top talent
  • Provide more employee training
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Provide greater employee empowerment and satisfaction

Remember real quality is authentic and comes from within your organisation. To be successful we need to appreciate that second best is not an option. If you like to find out more about how people, process and product form the link between strategic design and strategic delivery in your organisation, please get in touch.