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Labour Efficiency Percentage

Example:  Keep ¼ hour timesheets - Simple timesheet codes are enough, for example, for Jim, a salesman, Code 1 = Productive Hours, which is proactive selling, e.g. time in front of client, on phone to client, preparing quotation etc.  Code 2 = Admin which is everything else, e.g. sundry correspondence, general meetings, training etc.  Jim’s total hours in a week are 45, his productive hours total 38 ¼,   so 38 ¼ / 45 = 85%, an efficiency percentage of 85%.  The target we have been given is 85%.

Net Contributor Self-Assessment

Example: Jim’s total package cost totals £100,000 including salary, NIC, pension, company car and benefits.  £100,000 x 4 = £400,000 / Gross Profit percentage of 40% = £1,000,000 target sales required for Jim.  Any sales above £1 million means that Jim is a net contributor to his company.         
Increased productivity is a key profit driver in your business, and with the current emphasis on this, we believe it should be an important focus in 2018 to measure and drive improved productivity.  By using the measures and suggestions above and in Series 1, it will help you do just that.

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