Angus Brewer Business & Tax Consultant

What can we learn from medal-winning athletes?

Olympic Games concluded in Rio: the last bugle has been called, the curtains drawn on the closing ceremony to the games that the world has watched in ecstasy, agony and exhilaration.  We watched the progress of each country, each team, each athlete as they performed their sequence through to failure, or fame.

How does this relate to the business (the real) world, you may ask?

Everyday we practise our routine tasks: answering enquiries, getting goods out the door, keeping the customer king.  But what are we really achieving? 

Yes we all have a big picture – maybe we want to double sales this year, or increase personal wealth to buy that new Maserati or simply provide more employment opportunities for the local community. 

It’s great to have a goal, that gold Olympic medal, but how do we get there – sometimes when we’re so busy with our heads in the run-of-the-mill work that we don’t feel that we’re sprinting ahead. 

That’s where the monitoring and mentoring kicks in; every month, every quarter, bi-annually, every year you have the golden opportunity to step back and review – how are we doing compared to our great ‘Olympic’ goal?

What can we learn from medal-winning athletes?

There are many 'qualities' of a great athlete - here's 3 of them (they relate to your business too)



You have to be able to focus on the task at hand and tune out any other distractions


It takes drive

You have to be driven to improve every day.  You can't be satisfied with your last performance


Take personal accountability for your performance, and be prepared to take action to make a difference.  Recognise that when you aren’t meeting your performance targets and making steady improvements, you are losing ground to other people that are.  You need an ‘accountability partner’ to coach and mentor you through your journey to success.


Finally... You need to know whether your current activities have the Olympian diet to give you enough resource for improved performance ahead, whether you have been steadily progressing over time in line to smash the records and finally what next step is needed to reaching your vision of success, the top of the podium.