Angus Brewer Senior Consultant

Are you keeping close to the numbers and detecting the trends?

Checking your pulse and blood pressure are all part of a routine health check.  You may have these regularly for your personal health to ensure you detect any unusual signs before it’s too late.  But - what about your business? 

Getting the true picture

It is vitally important you understand the health of your business.  It is important to understand what the numbers and key measures mean, and what actions you need to take to address or improve them.   You can’t change the actual facts of your current situation, but you can change the future of these facts.  Take a reality check on where your business is financially now.

Prevention is better than cure

Definition of symptom:  any phenomenon or circumstance accompanying something and serving as evidence of it.

You can’t run a business successfully based on just treating symptoms.  A symptom is as a result of an underlying condition causing it.  By all means, treating symptoms early is vitally important and a critical way to remedy a situation before it gets any worse. 

However, preventing the issue in the first place is obviously far more beneficial, and a proactive way to do this is to keep track of the key numbers in your business regularly.  Consult with a specialist business and financial advisor to set out an achievable financial plan, which will ensure that your business will run healthily – not only that, but a plan that will actively improve your business value and increase the financial return.

Know the health and wellbeing of your business every day

Constantly monitoring the key numbers in your business closely is really the only way to prevent a condition occurring.  It is also important to keep track of these numbers to ensure they are aligning with your strategic plan and goals.  Why not feel rewarded regularly when the numbers are improving and are hitting your goals?  How much more motivated could you be if you knew which direction your business was going – all day, every day?

You need cutting edge information and diagnosis for the wellbeing of your business.   The business world is changing fast – the pace of change is faster than ever.  Now is never a more critical time for you to have your finger on the pulse….