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Clients’ achieve 45% increase in net profit in 2014!

So we've been reviewing our clients' performance to see how we've been doing, and the latest review has some interesting revelations!  We've seen growth across the board in 2014, but the best growth by far has come from our clients who are on our full business planning and development programme.

Average overall increases for clients on full business planning programme: 



That’s excellent growth in profitability, and represents a fitting result for our clients’ hard work in 2014.  It also underlines the effectiveness of taking a proactive approach to planning ahead, while constantly reviewing performance, and taking action to keep on track.

We work with clients that want a forward looking and proactive accountant, and we actively help our clients plan for the future.  The results are telling us it’s working!

Are there any other businesses out there who would like to achieve these kind of results?


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